What to Do if You Were Hurt Riding in a Lyft or Uber Vehicle

The ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft have become extremely popular throughout Indiana. If you were a passenger in one of these vehicles and the driver was involved in an accident, you may not know what to do. The aftermath of an auto accident is always confusing, and this holds true after an Uber or Lyft accident, as well. The steps you take now though, are crucial for your personal safety, and for the protection of any future claim you may file. If you have been injured while riding in a Lyft or Uber vehicle, below are the most important steps to take now.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

Your health is the most important priority after any auto accident. Even if you do not think you sustained serious injuries, it is critical that you seek medical attention immediately after the accident. If you are seriously injured, phone for an ambulance to come to the scene. If you do not do this, visit an emergency room as soon as you leave the scene. Not all injuries present symptoms right away, so it is important for a doctor to perform an examination and identify any injuries.

Seeking medical attention is also an important part of protecting your future personal injury claim. If you do not see a doctor soon after the crash, the insurance company representing the negligent party will argue that you were not hurt because you did not seek medical help.

Report the Accident

One of the drivers involved should notify the police of the crash. If they do not, report the accident yourself. The police officer will write and file a report, which may indicate which driver was responsible for the crash. This will make it easier for you to know which insurance company to file a claim with when pursuing full damages.

Collect Evidence

Some of the best evidence is right at the accident scene. Some of the most important evidence to collect includes:

  • Pictures of damage to all vehicles involved
  • Pictures and video of the entire accident scene as a whole
  • Pictures of other relevant information, such as a bumper in the street or skid marks on the road
  • Eyewitness statements, names, and contact information

Other important evidence is that which documents your losses. This evidence includes medical bills and reports and invoices and receipts for out-of-pocket expenses.

Gather Information

Collect as much information about the Uber or Lyft driver, as well as anyone else who was involved in the crash. The most important information to collect includes:

  • The names of all drivers involved
  • The insurance information of all drivers involved
  • License plate numbers of all vehicles involved

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