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Rear-end collisions are fairly common auto accidents, which also go by the name “fender bender.” But many rear-end collisions are very serious accidents and will leave more than your fender damaged. Instead, many passengers and drivers will suffer horrifying injuries that can permanently change their lives and cost them tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in medical care.

At Delventhal Law Office, our team of car accident lawyers has helped many clients after a rear-end collision or other wreck. We know how to build a case for compensation the correct way, so reach out to us as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation.

Why Rear End Accidents Happen

Rear end collisions can happen at intersections, in parking lots, and out on the road. There are many causes:

  • Distracted driving. A motorist might be looking at a cell phone and not see that she is approaching an intersection. As a result, she slams into the back of the vehicle stopped at the light.
  • Aggressive driving. A motorist might be following too closely and not have enough room if the vehicle in front slams on the brakes. As a result, the following vehicle crashes into the fender.
  • Intoxication. A drunk or high driver might have delayed reflexes, which impedes their ability to pump on the brakes to stop in time.
  • Cutting off another driver. Sometimes, the vehicle in front is to blame for a rear-end collision even though it got hit. The driver might have cut off another vehicle and then slammed on the brakes, causing an unavoidable collision.

Regardless of how the accident occurred, you should meet with an attorney to review. As you can see, it isn’t true that the vehicle that struck the vehicle in front is always to blame (though this is often the case).

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Common Rear-End Accident Injuries

A person involved in a rear-end collision can suffer many of the same injuries as motorists involved in other kinds of car wrecks. We have seen clients suffer from:

  • Broken bones. Motorists can break bones in their hands, arms, legs, feet, and face. If a rib breaks, then many complications can ensue, including pneumonia.
  • Whiplash. This is a common injury for rear-end collisions. The head snaps forward and backwards, injuring soft tissue in the neck and upper back.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. A person can suffer a brain injury if they hit their head on something. Even whiplash can shake the brain inside the skull and change how it operates, leading to impaired memory, speech, balance, movement, and sleep.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Damage to the spinal column often leads to muscle weakness, loss of sensation, and sometimes paralysis.
  • Back injuries. A person might pinch a nerve in their back or suffer a herniated disc.
  • Burns. If the rear-end collision ruptures the fuel tank, then the car could catch on fire. A driver or passenger could suffer serious burns trying to escape from the car, which can result in limb amputation or skin grafts.

Many injuries require extensive medical care, which few people can financially pay for. Instead of shouldering the full cost of your accident alone, meet with a Fort Wayne rear-end accident lawyer to review your chances of receiving compensation.

Compensation for a Rear-End Accident

Our clients have made claims for the following types of compensation:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical care
  • Damage to their vehicles

Imagine Mike needs surgery to insert a plate in his arm for a broken bone. He also has a concussion. Mike spends $25,000 on medical care and misses 3 months of work, where his monthly salary is $2,500. His car also suffered $10,000 in damage to his vehicle. Unless Mike was partially to blame for the accident, he should qualify for $42,500 in compensation for these economic losses.

Mike also might receive much more for pain and suffering, which Indiana law also allows him to be compensated for. Depending on the severity of his pain, he could receive an equal amount for pain and suffering or possibly even more.

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Experienced Fort Wayne Rear End Accident Attorneys

Rear-end collisions are often more than mere “fender benders.” Instead, our clients have suffered serious injuries that warrant serious compensation. After a crash, you should receive medical treatment and then meet with a lawyer for a free consultation.

At Delventhal Law Office, our team is committed to your well-being. We can work to maximize any settlement, and we will do everything possible to make sure you can begin to turn your life around after a serious collision.

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