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Injured From an Intersection Car Accident?

Intersections are dangerous. Many motorists don’t understand the rules of the road, so they fail to yield when they are supposed to. Other drivers are simply reckless, deciding to run a red light or make an illegal turn, and they end up crashing into other vehicles as well as pedestrians.

If you have been injured in an intersection driving accident, you need a car accident attorney in Indiana who is looking out for your interests. Contact Delventhal Law Office today.

Prime Causes of Intersection Driving Accidents

We have met with many motorists injured in intersection accidents, and we have come to expect the following causes:

  • Illegal maneuver. A driver tries to make a U-turn, fails to yield, runs a red light, etc.
  • Driver inattention. A motorist might be reading a text message or having a conversation on their cell phone, causing them not to see others in the intersection.
  • Misjudging speed. A driver making a turn might think approaching traffic is going slower than it really is. As a result, they pull directly in front of oncoming traffic or slam into it.
  • Driving too fast for conditions. A driver who is going to fast can run into other vehicles trying to turn.
  • Obstructed view when turning. This is particularly true when making a left-hand turn when you have a vehicle directly in front of you in your lane. You cannot see approaching traffic until it is too late.

Whatever the reason for the crash, an intersection accident can leave victims with serious injuries and high medical bills. Reach out to an experienced attorney to determine whether you have a legal claim for compensation.

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Intersection Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Indiana saw 261 fatalities that took place at or near an intersection. This number was substantially higher than in previous years. For example, in 2014, the number was only 189.

Another NHTSA study noted that 36% of all crashes in the U.S. in 2008 were intersection-related. In almost all intersection accidents, the critical events that led to the crash were related to the driver instead of to the road or the vehicle. In other words, drivers are overwhelmingly to blame for intersection accidents. This means that we can improve intersection safety by driving more carefully.

What to Do after an Intersection Crash

After the crash, you might feel pressure to immediately get your vehicle off to the side of the road so that you don’t block traffic. However, you also need to take care of yourself and the health of anyone else involved in the crash. If necessary, call an ambulance to come pick up anyone who is badly hurt so that they can get to the hospital.

You should also try to get a picture of the vehicles before they are moved. This can show your attorney how they ended up immediately after the crash and is an important clue when trying to assign fault. Also get pictures of any debris that is left scattered in the road.

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Why You Need an Attorney for Your Case

Obtaining compensation for an intersection accident turns on establishing who is at fault for the accident. You should forget rules like, “the vehicle that hits another vehicle is always at fault.” That simply isn’t always the case.

Instead, the law looks at whether any driver failed to operate his motor vehicle with sufficient care, and whether this lack of care caused the accident. For example, a driver who makes an illegal maneuver is clearly not being careful. If this maneuver led to the crash, then you have a valid claim for compensation. The same is true of someone who runs a red light.

Some cases are not so clear cut, however. For example, you might claim that a motorist was speeding but the motorist denies it. Determining fault is trickier in these cases and will depend on the quality evidence that you have.

You also need an advocate who can stand up to the insurance companies and convincingly argue that you were not at fault. This will help increase the amount of compensation you can receive.

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Intersection accidents are scary events. Many of our clients are unsure of what to do in the days after an accident. Thankfully, they called us so we were able to jump in and make sure that we had protected their rights to compensation.

If you have been hurt, please contact our Fort Wayne intersection driving accident attorneys today. Our firm is a leader in Indiana in car accidents, and we would be happy to talk to you about your case. You can schedule a free consultation at (260) 484-6655.

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