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Failure to Yield Driving Accident Attorney Fort Wayne

Failure to Yield Driving Accidents

Drivers who fail to yield cause many of the accidents on Indiana’s roads. These drivers not only endanger other vehicles but also themselves.

If you have been struck by a driver who failed to yield, you should know that you might receive compensation in a settlement. Indiana law requires that drivers follow the rules of the road, and failing to yield is a pretty clear violation. Meet with a Fort Wayne car accident attorney at Delventhal Law Office to discuss your case today.

What Does It Mean to Fail to Yield?

If every motorist or pedestrian did what they wanted to do, no one would ever get anywhere. The reason we have a functioning road system is that there are rules for who should yield to who. For example:

  • If you are in an intersection prepared to make a left-hand turn, you must yield to oncoming traffic.
  • If you are a motorist prepared to make a right-hand turn, you must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
  • If you are trying to merge with traffic, you must wait until there is sufficient room.

Imagine if people did not follow these rules. There would be endless accidents on the road and traffic would come to a standstill. If everyone yields when they are supposed to, by contrast, we can all get to our destinations in one piece.

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Why Do Some Fail to Yield?

There are many reasons that motorists don’t follow the rules of the road, such as:

  • Some motorists might be unaware of the rules. If two vehicles stop at a rural intersection, do you know which vehicle should yield?
  • Some motorists are distracted reading a text message or talking on a telephone and therefore fail to yield.
  • Some motorists are intoxicated or high and engage in risky behavior.
  • Other drivers are in a rush and will try to sneak through an intersection or turn quickly when they shouldn’t because they are running behind schedule.

Whatever the reason, a driver who fails to yield is behaving irresponsibly on the road and needs to be held accountable when they cause injuries.

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What Should you do after a Failure to Yield Accident?

Your first step is to get medical attention for anyone who needs it. Some failure to yield accidents are quite horrifying, especially if a driver sped through an intersection and slammed into pedestrians. Call 9-1-1 to get an ambulance to the scene of the accident if anyone needs it.

As an injured victim, you also need to begin gathering evidence for your case. There is no time like immediately after the accident to begin gathering helpful evidence that will show who is at fault. Try to do the following:

  • Call the police. An officer should arrive to write a police report. Get a copy before you leave.
  • Take pictures of all vehicles involved in the accident. Make sure your pictures show where the vehicles hit each other or where they hit pedestrians. If possible, try to take pictures of where the vehicles ended up immediately after the accident.
  • Find witnesses and ask for their names and phone numbers. You might need to take a statement from them.
  • Write down your own memories of what happened. When did you first see the vehicle that failed to yield? What did you do (tap your horn, hit the brakes, etc.)?
  • Exchange insurance information with all drivers involved. You will need this information so you can submit a claim.

Also remember not to discuss who is responsible for the accident. You don’t want to say something you regret later, and rest assured that anything you say could come back to be used against you. For example, some of our clients have apologized after an accident, which is a good human instinct, only to see those apologies be introduced as evidence that our client was at fault.

Contact a Fort Wayne Failure to Yield Accident Attorney for Help Filing a Claim

This is the final step to take to receive compensation from the accident. A seasoned attorney will know how to build an effective case for compensation and approach an insurance adjuster to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Don’t go through the insurance claims process alone. Many people make simple errors that would be easily avoidable if only they had competent legal advice from the start of their case. We have seen some injured victims wait too long to request compensation and lose out on receiving anything.

Contact Delventhal Law Office today, (260) 484-6655, to schedule a free case evaluation. One of our Fort Wayne failure to yield accident lawyers will be happy to meet with you.