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Injured From a Rollover Accident?

Rollovers are a leading cause of car accident fatalities. These accidents tend to occur with vehicles that are taller and leaner, which as a result have a higher center of gravity. But any vehicle could roll over, causing devastating injuries to passengers trapped inside.

If you have been injured in a rollover accident, you might be able to sue someone for compensation, but you will need an experienced car accident attorney in your corner. Contact Delventhal Law Office today.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

There are two types of rollovers:

  • Tripped rollovers. These accidents usually occur when a vehicle leaves the roadway and ends up flipping because its tires dig into soil or it hits a guardrail.
  • Un-tripped rollovers. These accidents typically occur on the road as a result of a sudden movement to avoid a collision and are most common with top-heavy vehicles.

Of the two, tripped rollovers are the most common, accounting for 95% of all rollovers. They can occur in the following situations:

  • A driver goes onto the soft shoulder and then tries to correct to get back on the road. As the tires dig into the soft soil, the vehicle can flip on its side or roof.
  • One side of the vehicle rides up on a guardrail or other object, causing the vehicle to flip.
  • A vehicle going too fast downhill tries to make a turn, which causes the vehicle to flip onto its side.

There are many contributing factors to rollover accidents. For example, alcohol use can contribute to poor driving and require sudden overcorrection, leading to rollovers. According to the federal government, about 50% of all fatal rollover crashes involved alcohol.

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Rollover Injuries

Rollover accidents can leave motorists with devastating injuries, which is perhaps not surprising. It is very difficult to protect yourself when you are thrown upside down. Passengers who are not wearing a seat belt are at the greatest risk of suffering an injury, as they can be thrown clear of the vehicle or end up landing on their heads or necks.

At our law firm, we have met with clients who have suffered the following after a rollover:

  • Broken bones. Motorists can fracture any bone in the body, but injuries to arms, hands, legs, and facial bones are very common. Broken bones must be set properly, otherwise they can lead to chronic pain and immobility.
  • Nerve damage. Any nerve can become compressed by nearby tissue or bone. If the compression is not relieved promptly, the nerve endings could die.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI). Any hard knock to the head can jiggle the brain inside the skull, changing how the brain works. As a result, TBI victims can experience impairments with respect to speech, mobility, balance, memory, and emotional control.
  • Spinal cord injury. Any bruising, stretching, tearing, or shredding of the spinal cord can lead to devastating loss of mobility or sensation, or both. Some spinal cord injuries improve with rehab, but others are permanent.
  • Back injury. Damage to the vertebrae can cause constant pain and immobility.
  • Neck injury. A passenger can suffer whiplash, a compressed nerve, or cracked vertebrae in the neck.

Compensation for a Rollover Car Accident

To receive compensation, you will need to identify who is responsible for your injuries. According to the federal government, about 85% of rollovers are single-vehicle. This means that the vehicle flipped without coming into contact with another vehicle.

Nevertheless, sometimes another entity is responsible:

  • A defective road could have caused you to roll over. Whoever designed or is responsible for maintaining the road could be on the hook for your injuries.
  • A design or manufacturing flaw in your vehicle could be responsible for your injuries. In this case, you can sue the manufacturer for in a products liability lawsuit.

And if another driver’s actions were responsible for the crash, you can also sue them if they were negligent.

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