Types of Head Injuries from Car Accidents

The recent statistics by the Center for Disease Control revealed that at least 14% of brain injury deaths were caused by auto accidents. Therefore, it is fair to say that head injuries from car accidents are severe and one of the leading causes of death. The law allows you to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for your injury. Book an appointment with a Fort Wayne Car Accident Lawyer for legal advice and representation until you win your case. Below are the most common types of injuries you are likely to suffer in an auto accident:

  1. Concussion
  2. A concussion is a common head injury in accidents and sports, especially American football. Statistics reveal that 812000 young people are rushed to the emergency room due to traumas. An individual suffers a concussion if the brain is shaken inside the skull. These injuries vary in severity. Signs and symptoms include headache, confusion, irritability, depression, and temporary loss of consciousness. Long-term effects could consist of personality change.

  3. Diffuse Axonal
  4. This type of injury is different because it is not caused by a blow to the victim’s head. Instead, it results from forces to the head that makes the brain move rapidly inside the skull. As a result, the connection to the rest of the body is compromised. It is also one of the most common injury types in car crashes. Symptoms include sleeping difficulties, vomiting, and nausea. It is also likely that the victim will end up in a coma.

  5. Contusion
  6. A contusion is similar to a concussion, but this one is a bruise. Victims suffer from a contusion when they are hit by a sharp object in car injuries. Severity can also range from mild ones to life-threatening ones. Major injuries are likely to cause brain herniation. This type of injury requires immediate medical attention to treat brain swelling. Symptoms include numbness, difficulties with movement coordination, and challenges speaking.

  7. Coup-Contrecoup
  8. This type of head injury from a car accident also results from heavy impact. It occurs in the area of impact and the opposite, forcing the brain to move within the skull. Victims suffer two injuries if the brain hits thethe skull on the other side of an impact. One could easily suffer from this injury if they hit the head on the car’s steering wheel.

  9. Open head injury
  10. This type of injury involves a fractured or cracked skull. Here, a foreign object hits and penetrates inside the skull to cause a severe injury. Usually, doctors must perform surgery soon to relieve pressure and manage brain swelling. They may also need to remove the object if it remains inside.

Why use a Car Accident Lawyer

From the discussions, it is clear that head injuries due to car accidents can be devastating. They may leave you disabled for life. Unfortunately, insurance will not pay compensation gladly. Instead, they make it difficult for you. You should choose Delventhal Law Office, LLC because:

  • You only pay after winning the case.
  • They have nearly ten years dealing with auto accidents.
  • They are committed to fighting for your interest and that of a loved one.

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