Motorcycle Accidents in Indiana

Motorcycle Accidents in Indiana

Riding a motorcycle is a popular hobby. According to World Atlas, Indiana has around 218,000 registered motorcycles, and thousands more ride through Indiana during our warm weather months.

However, motorcycle riders definitely lack the protection of other motorists, and they can suffer catastrophic injuries in a collision. If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a motorcycle crash, you should meet with an Indiana motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. You might be entitled to compensation.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen

Many different things can contribute to a motorcycle accident, but many crashes are caused by negligent drivers who do not pay enough attention when driving. At our firm, we have seen bikers injured in the following ways:

  • Left-hand turn collisions. Motorists might not see a biker, who is smaller than a regular vehicle and often blends in with the road. Many motorists make a left-hand turn right in front of a motorcycle without even knowing it, leading to a crash.
  • Lane splitting. Some bikers ride in between lanes, often as they approach intersections. Because of the narrow space, they often hit vehicles, or motorists make a sudden move and pin them.
  • Rear-end crashes. As a motorcyclist sits at a red light or a stop sign, they are at increased risk of being rear-ended.
  • Head-on collisions. A motorist can slam into a motorcyclist when pulling into another lane to pass. If they do not see a biker in the lane, they will pull directly into their line of traffic.
  • Door accidents. A motorist in a parked car can open their door, and an approaching motorcyclist can hit the door, flying off their bike.

We have also seen accidents that are caused by something other than motorists, such as road hazards, which can lead a rider to lose control. Problems include potholes, road seams, slick roads, and railroad tracks.

If someone else is to blame for the crash, then you might be entitled to compensation. Please schedule a meeting with an Indiana motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcyclists and their passengers can suffer many of the same injuries as motorists because of the forces generated by the crash:

  • Broken bones. Bikers tend to see fractures in their arms, hands, legs, and faces.
  • Facial injuries. Damage to the skin, cartilage, and bones in the face can be deeply traumatic, causing severe emotional distress and requiring reconstructive surgery to try and repair.
  • Nerve damage. Compression on the nerves can lead to permanent damage if not immediately addressed.
  • Road rash. If exposes skin slides along asphalt, then the friction can peel back the skin, leading to a horrific injury that might require skin grafts.
  • Internal organ damage. These injuries are often hard to diagnose until the organ fails, often requiring a rush to the emergency room.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Damage to the brain impairs a biker’s mobility, speech, sleep patterns, memory, and behavior. A moderate or severe TBI can require lengthy rehabilitation.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Any injury to the spinal column can lead to excruciating pain, paralysis, and loss of sensation.

It is vital that you receive quick medical care after a motorcycle accident. Prompt treatment can often make the difference between fully recovering from your injuries and suffering a life-long disability.

Why You Should Wear a Helmet

Under Indiana law, you must wear a helmet if you are under 18 years of age. You also must wear protective goggles.

However, everyone should wear a helmet, regardless of age. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, helmets have been shown to reduce the likelihood of a head injury by 69% and to reduce fatalities by 37%. Further, helmets do not meaningfully restrict a rider’s hearing or field of vision, which means that it is entirely safe to wear a helmet.

There is another important reason to wear a helmet: if you don’t, then you might be partially responsible for your own injuries. This type of finding could reduce the amount of compensation you receive in a settlement.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Fort Wayne

The days and weeks after a motorcycle accident can be a turbulent time. You are probably in considerable pain and unsure about your future. We can help.

We are an established Fort Wayne motorcycle accident law firm that has helped countless clients like you. Our experience includes obtaining favorable settlements for accident victims to cover their medical care, lost income, property damage, and pain and suffering.

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