How to Deal With Shoulder Injuries from Car Accident

Injuries from car accidents can be devastating, especially when one of the victims is a pedestrian. The impact subjects the body to a strong physical force that causes significant injuries, including shoulder injuries. The shoulder is a complex joint with three connected bones. Sometimes, body injuries do not manifest immediately. If you suffer shoulder injuries from a car accident, talk to a Fort Wayne Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to discuss your case and understand how you can file a successful claim. Below are the most common types of shoulder injuries that result from a car accident:

When subjected to a high impact force, the shoulder suffers injuries that cause mild to severe shoulder injuries. The three main bones in the shoulder that suffer damages are:

  • The clavicle or collarbone
  • The scapula or shoulder blade
  • The humerus bone or the upper arm bone

Other common parts of the shoulder that could get injured in an accident include the rotator cuff, shoulder joint capsule, and acromioclavicular joint.

What are the common shoulder injuries in car accidents?

  • Shoulder tear: The shoulder tear injury affects soft tissues responsible for the shoulder’s stability and motion range. Shoulder tears can affect the labrum, muscle, or tendon.
  • Shoulder dislocation: A shoulder dislocation is a type of injury that occurs when bones in the upper part of the arm tear apart and pop out of their natural position. Pedestrians who suffer this type of injury experience pain when reaching for something above them, loss of strength, and a grinding feeling with shoulder movements. It is always recommended that individuals with such symptoms seek immediate medical attention to avoid further injuries.
  • Rotator cuff injuries: This type of shoulder injury may cause symptoms immediately after the accident or take weeks or months before showing symptoms. It is dangerous because the injury could deteriorate if symptoms do not show. Doctors determine the most suitable type of treatment for rotator cuff injuries depending on the seriousness of the injury. The symptoms are similar to those of a dislocation.

Treatment of shoulder injuries

Doctors use various methods of treatment depending on the type of injury and the severity. The most common treatment methods include fracture repair, rotator cuff surgery, restructuring surgery, and acromioclavicular joint repair. The less severe injuries are treated using stem cell therapy, physical therapy, and medications. All treatment options are meant to reduce pain, restore strength, and improve mobility. Patients seeking shoulder injury treatments may incur huge costs, which may be difficult to pay from their own pockets. That is why it is recommended they file a claim to receive compensation for all damages.

Filing a claim for shoulder injuries after a car accident

Luckily, the law allows pedestrians to file a claim if a driver’s negligence caused their accident. Compensation covers past and future medical costs, pain and suffering, property damage, and lost income. However, it is always wise to use the legal advice and representation of an experienced attorney. Schedule an appointment online today with an expert from Delventhal Law Office, LLC, or call the offices at (260) 484-6655.


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