How Many Car Accidents Are There Per Year?

Each year, Indiana publishes statistics on car accidents in the state. This information is very detailed and provides for diverting reading.

What do the statistics tell us? Well, one thing you will find is that there are a lot of car accidents in the state of Indiana. Allen County also sees its fair share of fender benders. These accidents cost the state tens of millions of dollars, if not more, in medical care and lost productivity at work.

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Indiana Car Accident Statistics for 2017

This is the most recent year for which statistics are available. We see the following:

  • There were 219,105 total collisions in the state
  • 911 individuals were killed in traffic collisions
  • 50,042 people suffered a non-fatal injury in traffic accidents
  • 46% of fatalities occurred in urban areas, with 23% occurring in the suburbs
  • 73% of non-fatal injuries occurred in urban areas and another 15% occurred in suburban areas

Indiana has also collected information for what causes accidents. In particular, the state has found that 11% of fatalities in 2017 were attributed to alcohol. This represented 99 fatalities in the state. Almost 25% of drivers involved in fatal collisions were legally impaired.

The state has also collected information to show the crash rate by age group per 10,000 licensed drivers. Unsurprisingly, the youngest drivers led the way, with a rate of 1302.3 compared to 1,171.0 for those age 21 to 24. The rate decreased for all age groups, with those age 75 and older having a rate of 458.6 per 10,000 licensed drivers.

Safety Has Not Been Improving in Indiana

For comparison’s sake, the state provides car accident statistics for recent years as well. Unfortunately, the picture is not pretty. Instead, car safety has either stalled or has declined:

  • The number of fatalities in 2017 were much higher than in previous years, which saw only 821 in 2016 and 817 in 2015. In fact, 2017 was the year with the highest number of fatalities since at least 2008.
  • The number of non-fatal injuries was roughly in line with previous years. Although down from 2016, which saw 51,730 injuries, the numbers in 2017 were close to those of every year dating to 2009.

To decrease the number of accidents and injuries, the people of this state will have to recommit to safety. Remember to follow the rules of the road and, in particular, never drink and drive.

Allen County Statistics

As a large county, Allen sees many car accidents. In fact, its total of 14,123 accidents in 2017 rates it at number 3 of all Indiana counties. We also saw 40 car wreck fatalities. These high numbers are attributable to our large population. When the population is taken into account, Allen was ranked 77th among all Indiana counties for fatal accidents.

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