What Should You Expect from a Car Accident Injury Settlement Process?

Have you been injured in a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence? You are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. This remuneration should cover your lost wages, medical bill expenses, and pain and suffering. But, how exactly does the car accident injury settlement process work?

Steps Involved in a Car Accident Settlement

Contrary to popular belief, a settlement process often involves lengthy proceedings and negotiations. According to a professional Fort Wayne Car Accident Lawyer, you should expect:

  • An initial investigation
  • Medical treatment
  • Claim filing
  • Attorney consultation
  • Further investigation
  • Settlement demand
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Discovery
  • Mediation
  • Trial

The process involves much more than filing your claim with an insurance company. Nonetheless, each case is unique.

Initial Investigation

After calling 911, try to gather evidence for your case. Take pictures of the scene and collect the contact information of the witnesses and at-fault driver. It is crucial that you document as much as you can about the accident before the police clear the scene.

If you are in no condition to carry out an initial investigation, call our lawyers right away.

Medical Treatment

Your health is of the utmost importance. Seeking medical assistance immediately helps increase your chances of recovery.

Make sure you honor every appointment and fill out all your prescriptions. It is also critical that you undergo any rehabilitation programs or therapies recommended by your doctor.

Continue with this step of the car accident injury settlement process until your doctor advises otherwise.

Claim Filing

Next, notify your insurer about the accidents. Give details without any embellishments or exaggerations. Be brief and refrain from making any statements that may be misconstrued.

Also, avoid giving any statements to the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Allow a Fort Wayne Car Accident Lawyer to handle any negotiations of this kind.

Initial Attorney Consultation

Schedule a meeting with our skilled attorneys. During this initial consultation, we will handle the basics of your injury claim. We will also examine the evidence you have collected thus far and discuss our intended approach.

Further Investigation

After hiring us, our team will work to gather more information and proof for your case. This involves collecting your medical records and employment details.

Settlement Demand

We will submit a settlement demand on your behalf once your condition has stabilized. This step may involve a lot of back and forth as the insurer makes their initial offer and negotiations ensue.

Filing a Lawsuit

This step depends on the outcome of the settlement demand. Overall, we may settle your case or file a lawsuit, depending on the amount offered by the insurer.


The discovery period begins once a lawsuit is filed. During this time, both sides will gather information about each other. Common practices include:

  • Interrogations
  • Requests for documents
  • Depositions


During this period, a neutral mediator is invited to try and facilitate a voluntary settlement. Although mediators cannot order a settlement, most cases are resolved at this stage.


You go to trial in the event mediation fails.

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