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Multiple Car Accident Attorney Fort Wayne

Multiple Car Accidents

Car accidents involving multiple vehicles are not like regular fender benders. With so many cars involved, the difficulty of untangling legal liability for the crash increases. You might have to juggle talking to multiple car insurers, including your own, and not really know who to make a claim with.

If you have been involved in a multiple car accident, you need an attorney to help you get the compensation that you need. Contact Delventhal Law Office to speak with an experienced Fort Wayne multiple car accident attorney.

Causes of Multiple Car Accidents

These types of accidents are also called “pileups,” and they usually have the same causes as any other accident:

  • Careless driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Aggressive or reckless maneuvers
  • Illegal maneuvers

For example, a motorist might hit a patch of black ice and spin out of control on a highway. Other vehicles cannot get out of the way, so they slam into this one, setting off a chain reaction. Or a car might aggressively cut off another motorist, which causes a rear-end collision. Soon, vehicles are pinballing off each other as they try to swerve and avoid a crash.

We tend to see multi-car pileups in place with high vehicle density. The freeway is the most common location, though any road with a lot of traffic could have a pileup.

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The total number of those injured in multi-car pileups is quite high. Injuries are often more serious if a truck is involved in a crash or a client’s car was struck by multiple vehicles. Our clients have suffered from:

  • Concussions or other traumatic brain injuries
  • Fractures, including compound fractures
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Cuts or abrasions
  • Burns

Getting prompt medical attention can be a challenge, as emergency personnel need to thread their way through multiple wrecks to reach survivors. If you were involved in a crash, you should check with everyone in your car and ask if they need an ambulance. If you can walk, check on the people in the other vehicles, also. Only move people if you can do so safely and if they are not complaining of back or neck pain.

Legal Complications Involved with Multi-Car Pileups

The key issue is any car accident is liability. Under Indiana law, the person responsible for a crash is responsible for paying compensation to victims. Unfortunately, determining liability is a huge challenge when multiple cars are involved in a crash.

For example, you might have crashed into a vehicle only because it had crashed into a vehicle in front of it. Does this make you legally liable for any injuries you might have caused?

Likewise, the vehicle that rear-ended you might not have had any choice, as there was no place it could go to avoid hitting someone. In this example, do you make a claim with the driver who struck you? Or do you file a claim against the driver at the front who triggered the entire chain reaction?

These are difficult questions. Car accidents happen so quickly, you might not really know what triggered the crash, or which vehicle is responsible. As you struggle to recover from your injuries, you probably don’t have the time to perform a thorough investigation, either.

This is where a lawyer is a big help. You can focus on recovery while your attorney investigates the crash and negotiates with different insurers to make sure you get full compensation.

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What You Should Do after a Multiple Car Accident

After checking to make sure everyone is okay, you need to get insurance information from those involved in the accident. This could be challenging, depending on the number of cars involved.

If the police come, and they should, they will collect information from everyone involved in the collision. You should give your name to the police officer. You can also get a copy of the report to find out the identities of all involved.

If you have time, take a picture of your car and the other vehicles involved in the crash. This photographic evidence will help you establish how the crash unfolded and who is responsible. Remember to only take pictures when you are safe. Multi-car pileups are slow-moving accidents, and vehicles behind you could still be getting wrecked.

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