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Injury or wrongful death resulted from Drug Accident?

Most people will go through their life and rely on medications like antibiotics or more serious pain medication at least once. Part of this process involves a trust that the physician prescribes these drugs after careful thought and the assumption that drug manufacturer has done everything possible to ensure that these medications are safe for humans to use.

Unfortunately, even though drug manufacturers a have a clear responsibility to ensure that all the medications they sell are as safe as possible and have appropriate warnings regarding any side effects, drug injuries or possible risks, many medications make it to the shelves of your pharmacy and could lead to critical injuries.

Drug injuries can occur when a doctor or medical professional prescribes the wrong type of medication, an amount of medication that exceeds dosage recommendations, or a mixture of prescriptions that do not function properly when taken together.

In addition to unintended prescription and medication errors, there have been numerous news reports of doctors writing bad prescriptions to make extra money. This dishonest and possibly illegal activity, can also have a deadly consequence, as patients can die after following their doctor’s medication instructions.

Doctors may not be fully versed on their patient’s pharmaceuticals if the patient is seeing multiple doctors, and/or the patient does not remember to tell the doctor about their other prescription medications, and as a result, prescription errors can occur very easily. It is important that doctors and medical personnel are giving the best possible care to their patients, and this involves asking the patient about all other medications, researching drug mixtures, side effects, and more when it comes to these highly potent and often toxic chemical compounds.


According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as many as three billion prescriptions for medications are written annually. While these drugs help in the fight against disease and illness, many carry serious risks. According to the FDA, the four million adverse drug reactions that occur each year can have very serious consequences. These adverse drug reactions result in more than 117,000 hospitalizations every year. The fact is that as many as 40 percent of all adverse drug events and 60 percent of life-threatening or fatal events are preventable.

Types of Drug Medication Injuries

Many people do not realize the dangerous and adverse effects the wrong type of prescription medicine can have on them, especially when combined with other types of drugs and health complications. An individual can suffer from the following due to prescription drugs:

  • Stroke or heart attack
  • SBlood clots
  • SKidney failure
  • SDiabetes
  • SIncreased blood pressure
  • SDamage to internal organs
  • SSkin reaction, such as blistering

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