Look Both Ways Before You Cross—Pedestrian Accidents

Look Both Ways Before You Cross—Pedestrian Accidents

It’s dangerous being a pedestrian. Not only are motor vehicles not really looking for you, but you are completely exposed in the event of a collision. Pedestrians routinely suffer catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage. After a crash, you might end up needing lifetime medical care to help you deal with your injuries.

As a leading Fort Wayne personal injury law firm, our Fort Wayne car accident attorneys represent injured pedestrians. But we also feel it is our duty to raise awareness about how pedestrians can minimize their chances of getting into a crash. Let’s be realistic: yes, motorists should be more careful while out on the road. But because pedestrians have so much more to lose in a collision, we need to do everything we can to get to our destinations safely.

Look Both Ways before You Cross the Street

This is basic advice your mother probably told you. And like most of Mom’s advice, it is exactly on point. Even if you are at a crosswalk, you should always check both ways before you head out into the intersection. And you should always check both ways if you decide to jaywalk.

Unfortunately, many aggressive and reckless drivers will run a red light. Even if a motorist sees you, they might try to scoot past as quickly as possible, increasing the likelihood that you get clipped in the process. Motorists constantly misjudge how far away a pedestrian is, and they can smash into you, throwing you to the ground.

Cross Only at the Crosswalk

You really should never jaywalk. By shooting into traffic, you will only surprise motorists and can easily get hit. Once on the ground, it is also easy to be run over by other vehicles. Instead, walk to the nearest intersection, even if there isn’t a painted crosswalk there. By crossing at an intersection, you increase the chances that motorists are stopped and will see you.

Use the Sidewalk

If there is a sidewalk available, then use it. It is much more dangerous to walk on the shoulder of the road, so avoid it if you can.

If there is no sidewalk, then walk on the shoulder as far away from traffic as possible. Also walk facing traffic, so that you can see vehicles as they approach. This will give you a good chance to dodge any vehicle that swerves or drifts onto the shoulder.

Increase Your Visibility, Especially at Night

Even during the day, few motorists notice pedestrians, so you can imagine that walking is much more dangerous in the dark. Because of this, you need to increase your visibility. Here are some things you can do:

  • Carry a flashlight while you walk. This will make you easier to spot, but remember never to point the flashlight at cars, which can blind motorists.
  • Put reflective tape on your jacket.
  • Glue reflective lights on your backpack or hat. You can use the lights that are typically mounted on bicycles.

By making yourself easier to see, you can lower the chances that a driver will slam into on the shoulder of the road or at intersections.

Decrease Your Distractions

Some people like to go walking or jogging while listening to music. This is definitely a bad idea. You need your sense of hearing if you want to detect vehicles approaching, and having earbuds in your ears defeats that.

You should also put your phone away. If you want to read texts messages or talk on the phone, then do so when you reach your destination. Any distraction makes you vulnerable to a possible car accident.

Report Dangerous Cars

If you see a driver blowing through an intersection without any concern for pedestrians, note the license plate and other important details. This person could be intoxicated or high and represent a threat to everyone else out on the road. You can call 911 and report the driver. The police might not do anything, but at least you have put them on notice that a dangerous driver is out there.

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