Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accident Injuries?

Your medical coverage is probably going to play a role in paying for your auto collision wounds. However, several variables have to be put into consideration.

If a car accident has brought you injuries, you might want to know whether your insurance will cater to your hospital expenses. The general principle is that it’s your responsibility to pay for your own healthcare costs, or ensure they get paid. However, car accident injuries tend to be paid from other sources, contingent upon liability for the mishap and when you receive medical treatment.

If you’ve been asking, does health insurance cover car accident injuries? Read on below for more details. Alternatively, you can consult a car accident attorney in Fort Wayne for advice on how to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.


Most insurance policies feature a deductible. It’s the sum that the policyholder pays to cover an insured loss before insurance comes in to cover the remaining expenses.

Hence, if you have car accident injuries and you need to utilize your insurance, the deductible will be your responsibility. You probably won’t have to pay the deductible amount immediately, because the more prominent concern is that doctors treat your wounds. After healthcare services have been provided, however, you’ll get a bill showcasing your responsibility for the insurance deductible. Any expenses past the deductible sum ought to be paid by your medical insurance.

Note that, if you file a personal injury claim, odds are your attorney will ensure you get repaid for the deductible.   


If another driver caused your auto accident, their auto insurance personal injury coverage ought to pay your medical bills. Here, you can make a third-party claim with the other driver’s insurer, or open a case with your carrier. The two insurance companies will sort things out on your behalf.

In states that use a no-fault auto insurance framework, then the process is usually more straightforward. Your auto insurance policy will cover your healthcare costs, regardless of who is to blame for the auto crash. You can only advance outside the no-fault framework and sue the responsible party if your injuries are severe according to statutory laws. You can also file a claim if your expenses surpass a specific sum.

Moreover, numerous auto insurance policies have an extra option called med pay coverage. It pays healthcare costs for you and passengers in your car after an auto collision, regardless of who’s to blame. However, coverage limits are usually quite low.


Ordinarily, when the available vehicle insurance coverage is depleted, your medical expenses will be charged to your health insurance. From there, your medical insurance will take care of your healthcare expenses. Later on, any settlement you acquire will be used to reimburse your medical insurance.

If you lack medical insurance and cannot access any other resources, you’ll pay for the medical bills out-of-pocket. Here, you should consider consulting a car accident attorney Fort Wayne about your choices for seeking compensation from the at-fault party.


If you were wondering, does health insurance cover car accident injuries? Now you probably have an idea on how the process goes. You may also want to consult a car accident attorney at the Delventhal Law Office, LLC. We can help you pursue your rightful compensation from the relevant insurance company.


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