Car Accident Injuries that Require Surgery

Car accidents are often incredibly traumatic. Even with seat belts and air bags, many passengers suffer devastating injuries that require surgery. At our law firm, our Fort Wayne car accident lawyers have helped many people obtain compensation to cover their medical expenses and lost wages. Below, we highlight some of the more common injuries that might require a trip to the operating room following a crash.


Many broken bones can heal simply by being immobilized with a cast. However, surgery is sometimes required. With a comminuted fracture, for example, the bone is broken into multiple pieces that must be held together with a screw, pin, or plate.

Knee Injuries

The ligaments, tendons, or menisci in the knee can be torn, which might require arthroscopic surgery. Usually, this surgery is easier to recover from than other types. However, some knee injuries will steadily degenerate over the years, and a patient might need a complete knee replacement.

Back Injuries

A motorist can suffer many back injuries. One painful injury is a herniated disc. These discs are lodged between the vertebrae in the spinal column and provide cushion. However, trauma can rupture or displace the soft filling in these discs, which puts pressure on nearby nerves. Back surgery is often necessary to relieve debilitating pain and to make sure the back does not degenerate further, which could lead to someone becoming immobile.

Spinal Cord Damage

After a horrific car accident, the spinal cord could be injured, resulting in total or partial paralysis. Often, surgery is necessary to stabilize the spinal column, which might have become crushed or shattered by the impact. Some patients might need a total spinal column transplant.

Stabilizing the spinal column is only half the battle. Much of the damage to the cord itself is permanent. Car accident victims might need to undergo challenging physical therapy to try and regain mobility. Some victims can make a meaningful recovery post-surgery and maintain independence, while others will be permanently paralyzed.

Brain Surgery

Head trauma can lead to bleeding in the brain and the formation of clots. Swelling in the brain requires immediate release otherwise the brain can suffer permanent injury. Brain surgery is often emergency surgery because people cannot see the buildup of pressure or bleeding inside the brain.

There are many symptoms of brain injury, including confusion, slurred speech, blurred vision, headache, sleep disturbances, and memory problems. If a person feels any of these after a car accident, they should immediately go to the hospital to be checked out. Different tests might catch brain damage early enough.

Internal Organ Damage

The organs can be damaged by broken bones or simply from the trauma of the accident itself. For example, a broken rib could spear a person’s lung, leading to trouble breathing.


Some limbs are so damaged in a car accident that amputation is unavoidable. Limbs might also be amputated if they are badly burned in a car accident.

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