Avoiding the Rear-End Collision: Tips for Indiana Motorcyclists

The recently published Indiana Traffic Safety Facts for 2017, which includes figures for motorcycle accidents in Indiana, includes both good and bad news for riders. On the one hand, collisions involving motorcycles dropped from 2013-2017. Unfortunately, the percentage of crashes involving fatalities or injuries to riders is shockingly high at more than 70 percent. Worse, the majority of these incidents are multi-vehicle accidents, including rear-end collisions.

The sad truth is that some motorists don’t exercise reasonable caution when traveling behind a motorcycle. That means riders must pick up the slack with diligent, defensive driving. You should discuss your case with a motorcycle accident attorney in Fort Wayne if you did suffer injuries, but a few tips may help you avoid collisions altogether.

  1. Boost Your Presence: When your motorcycle is considerably smaller and lower profile than other vehicles on the road, you need to do all you can to make your presence known. Ride with your lights on and wear brightly colored clothing. You can purchase gear with reflective tape, or purchase strips to add on your existing clothing.

In addition, you may recall the common mantra among motorcyclists: Loud pipes save lives. As long as you stay within state and local regulations regarding unusually high noise levels, get loud to avoid a rear-end collision. 

  1. Brake Lights Are Your Best Friend: Drivers are less likely to strike from behind when your motorcycle brake lights are bright, unmistakable beacons. Install high intensity brake lights, LED if possible. Plus, when you’re slowing down to turn or stop, pump your brakes several times to get the attention of the motorist behind you.
  1. Ride Down the Center of Your Lane: When you take up the entire space, other drivers are less likely to attempt passing or encroach upon your lane. The center of the lane is also safer because you’re not riding in the slick, greasy trail. 
  1. Position and Use Mirrors Wisely: Though Indiana law only requires one rear-view mirror on a motorcycle, consider dual mirrors that allow you a better picture of what’s happening behind you. Before every ride, check the positioning to ensure you have a view several yards to the rear. Being able to see an approaching hazard may give you enough time to get out of the way.
  1. Stay Alert: A common sense rule deserves mention, since you can get into a comfort zone when riding a motorcycle. Always be on the lookout for threats, with eyes and ears wide open. Avoid using ear plugs while riding in traffic, and never use a cell phone.  

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