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In 2012, there were about 8.5 million motorcycles on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 4,668 motorcycle fatalities in the same year. Motorcycle riders wear little protection and have an overwhelming potential for suffering injuries and fatalities. Other motorists who fail to drive safely can easily cause collisions or traffic incidents involving motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists were about 26 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled in 2012 and five times more likely to be injured. Fair compensation is essential to providing injured riders with the medical treatment their injuries require.

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Bike wrecks Indiana

Throughout Indiana, motorcycles have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation and recreation. The open roads and flat terrain of Indiana play host to numerous motorcycle riders who must share the road with other, larger motor vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders run an extremely high risk of being involved in road traffic accidents and an increased potential for suffering injuries. Even experienced riders with the proper training and education are at risk of being in car accidents with distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and others who fail to be aware of their surroundings on the road.

Personal injury statistics

It is no secret that motorcycles are dangerous, but the statistics regarding injury-causing accidents and motorcycle riders are truly eye-opening. Motorcycle riders wear little protection, making them incredibly vulnerable to injuries, many of which can be considered catastrophic. Although it is reported that more than 75% of motorcycle accidents also involve a passenger vehicle, single-motorcycle accidents can still be the result of automobile drivers who fail to see riders. Easily lost in blind spots or simply overseen, motorcycle riders may be made to crash when trying to avoid a collision with motor vehicle operators who are driving unsafely. In either case, proving negligence on behalf of another party can result in compensation being awarded.

Injury likelyhood

The likelihood that a motorcycle rider will be injured in an accident, be it a car accident or other road traffic incident, is overwhelming. According to many U.S. studies, there is a 98% chance that riders will be injured in multiple-vehicle accidents and a 96% chance of involvement in single-vehicle accidents. Common injuries include bone and joint breaks, road rash and other forms of soft tissue damage, concussions, and brain damage. As these injuries are most often severe in nature, compensation becomes essential in providing victims with the necessary medical treatment. Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer will help ensure you get that compensation.


The goal of the insurance company is to pay the smallest amount possible to settle your car accident case. Insurance companies make billions of dollars every year by settling claims as quickly as possible and employing high-priced defense attorneys who make sure their dollars stay out of your hands. Car accident victims are often pressured into giving recorded statements to the insurance company and signing medical authorization release forms that expose your health history. In both instances, this information is used against you to limit how much they pay for your car accident. (It's also common for the insurance company to use often-heard excuses to deny or limit your claim. The car accident wasn't your fault, and you shouldn't be made to feel guilty.)

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